My Story

Rob Moss is a performer, singer songwriter, born and raised in rough streets of Detroit MI. Currently residing  in LA, Rob is is a visionary with a vision to impact with his artistry. Rob developed a love for performing and started writing music at the age of 8. With a mom who was deeply consumed by  alcoholism and a dad who was absent from his life, music was his escape from his troubled childhood which included being in foster care for several years.He cultivated his skills by attending the Detroit High School Of Performing arts, majoring in vocal music.At the school he received classical training and mentorship from esteemed classical music composers/conductors, one of them being Stacey V. Gibbs. These classical techniques are the bases Rob uses to build his songs currently. With  famous alums Aaliyah,Tearrie Marie ,and Robert Curry of Day26 as well as up and coming talents like Re'Lxuise, Rob plans to be the next famous alum of the prestigious school.While in high school Rob toured with several stage plays, having to complete senior year of high school on the road  with the likes of Ginuwine, LisaRaye McCoy Robin Givens, Drew Sidora, Leon,Tichina Arnold and Terrell Carter in the stage plays "Church Girl" and "Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz".  After his first year of college in Chicago IL he started writing and  his first E.P entitled “Easy”. After almost a year of strenuous recording, Rob has put his heart into the project. Releasing his first single “Anticipation” and the EP established him a fan base in Detroit and Chicago alike. In 2014 Rob dropped out of College and moved to New York City to pursue music full time. During that time he performed at The the famous Apollo theatre, placing numerous times in legendary "Amatuer Night Competition", recorded his debut mixtape "Lover,Loner,Stoner" with Recording Artist Ted Park. The project was a dark spin on his sound to reflect the hardships of rejection and loneliness while living in NYC. The project is a mix A Mix of ExperimentalR&B, Soul, Pop and Hip-Hop roots, with production by Tiffany Gouche. The Lead single "Better For Me" chosen byTIDAL Discover to receive free worldwide distribution.The Project also helped him win  The 2015 Solo Artist of The Year for New York City presented by Bridging The Music. As well as placing 2nd place In LA's music competition "Soul Stage" with a live performance of original material. Now residing in LA, Rob Is on a west coast promo run for "Lover,Loner,Stoner" as well as a new single "Ungrateful" and is releasing his next EP GODLY in 2017.
  “I make R&B music with a soulful hip-hop substance, because I believe that you should sing from the soul or it won’t reach anybody. The main influence for this first project was Dr. Dre’s “ The Chronic 2001 , because of its honesty, production and structure. In future projects I plan to experiment with contemporary and rock sounds, but that’s later. My current goal is to make music that people of all ages, races and communities can enjoy. My signature harmonies are always a part of my sound. I want to give the illusion that a male quartet is singing. I write all my music and arrange the vocals, and my writing comes from a place of truth. If I write it, I’ve either experienced it or would like to experience it. The trend of writing music that is overly abstract, and dark sounding is one that I refuse to follow. When people ask what current artist I compare myself too, I think for a minute, then realize that it’s nobody. I’m working on developing my own sound, and creating something authentic" 
Influences: Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Lauryn Hill, The Temptations, Kanye West, Brandy, Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliott, Beyonce,Michael Jackson.
Image: As far as the way I dress and present myself, I’m not (and never have been) a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy” My image, style and dress are a huge part of who I am as an artist. My personally is outgoing so my style is a representation of that.