1. BAR

From the recording Lover,Loner,Stoner (Mixtape)


(Verse 1)
Sometimes it's best
I know it's best if I don't think about the bull shit
Cause if I think about the bullshit
Then the trigger might get pulled quick
Just another black man
Just another black man
Black man,Black man,Black man,Black man
Livin' In America
That shit is scarier,scarier
But I've been having dreams
That feel like reality
But I'm still another black man
Just another black man, black man, black man
Livin' in America that shit is scarier.
So you gotta make a way and take a way when haters hate the bar I raise
no time to waste
gotta start today

So there comes a time and I think it's time
Yes I think it's time you raise your bar
Raise your Bar
Why you wastin time at the fuckin bar with no house no car
need to raise your bar, raise you bar

We always gone
turn up aye (We know it) (x4)

But there comes a time and I think it's time yes i think it's time you raise the bar

(Verse 2)
Positive Indivisual Making Progress a pimp
ain't gon rest til i get my ken folks out the projects and in pent-houses on island can't even pronounce that, a nigga won now i'm stylin,think it's time I announce that.
nigga i made it, them dues i paid it, i had to take that, but now it's glasses, shake ya asses cup's you can raise that.
I got my bacheleors s and my masters, psyche can't even say that
droppped out for this music shit, been killin this shit every since.