Written By Robert L. Moss
For Vaughn St. Ent

Produced By. Donovan "Jukie" Lake
For YBAverage Productions

Additional Vocal production By Drummy and Christopher Card

Recorded at Moss/Cutler Studios
Jamaica , New York City

Mixed By Kevin Cutler


Lover,Loner,Stoner. too
I'm a teacher,I'm a learner for my city a put on-er
On my shit never prolonging, ride the beat like she ride boners,.
Dodging bill collectors,self reflecting,can't find peace, man this shit is hectic,
I smoke tree it's a temporary, way to ease the pressure.
Fuck a promise I'm a skeptic,over the years nobody kept em. Jail cells and cigarettes,action and consequence. Hard time learnin lessons,you can call me hard headed lord. Call me hard headed lord.

(Pre -Hook)
Young Nigga gone make a couple mistakes
but we just pray cuz we got another day
To get that shit tight Awwe!

Lover,Loner,Stoner. too x2

(Verse 2)
I'm a narcisistic
Ego-tisti-cle nigga

Got a couple gifts, that's how I keep this shit a float nigga

Gotta stay consistent, no such thing as comfortable nigga

This is Real
It's not a, not a joke nigga
But on a calmer note, I got my weed, I got my trees
To lay up in the shade
Handsome nigga so you know the bitches wavin at me
I guess that's where the lover part come in girl
Jump in girl

(Pre-hook) vamp
Young Nigga gone make a couple mistakes
In New York,New York
But we just pray cause we got another day
We're human-Human

Lover,Loner,Stoner too