From the recording Lover,Loner,Stoner (Mixtape)

Written by Rob Moss
For Vaughn St. Ent

Tyrone Early
Surreal Legacy Ent

Recorded at Moss Studios
Jamaica NEw York City

Mixed By Ted Park


(Yung Tye)
Some real shit 7 days a week
I'm gettin money so I can eat
Eviction Letter on my door last week (couldn't pay)
That man don't work and that man don't eat
In a bando, wit a band on me
You try me nigga you dead homie (Bang,Bang)
Let me tell ya somethin I learned in these streets
That man don't work and that man don't eat.

(verse 1)
I'm stressed out so I hit da gas-mask
I'm high as hell I shake Jesus hand, damn
Then snap back to reality
These niggas act like they proud of me
But I'm closterphobic no crowded me
And my nigga keep that '38, hell shoot dat bitch like KD and yo chest A P
I'm a real nigga,hood definitely
Don't fuck wit me.
These niggas out they mind, these niggas pass they prime, my nigga let off a line
Ain't got jobs no shine


(Verse 2-Rob Moss)
Yes I go Lo-Co
For ,y Do-low
And I throw mo
If you go low
Rob Moss shinin, prince of diamonds
But I'm still grindin like I'm broke doe
Cause that don't work and that many don't eat
You starvin niggas just ain't hungry ( yeah,yeah,yeah)
Young nigga on the grind
Neva stoppin, that's no red sign
Don't eva doubt or count me out or count me Down, like Angelou
Or Jesus nigga still I rise
Roll it,tote it smoke it choke it, blow it up one time, the. Right back to the money,cuz it's money honey on the line. And I'm always on the grind,money talk you niggas silent.