1. Easy

From the recording Lover,Loner,Stoner (Mixtape)

Witten By Robert L. Moss for Vaughn St. Ent

Produced By Purp Beats via Lease

Recorded at Cutler Studios
Chicago IL

Mixed and Masterd by Kevin Cutler


(verse 1)
I don't really need to roll this blunt
Light it up and let it go down my chest
But it's been a long week
So a nigga gotta chief, just so I can ease my stress.
So much goin on,so much goin wrong
Huggable barely sleepin at night
Cuz when ya young and ya wrong
In this life,everyday is a fight.
So these games,I do, not play
I come to stay
Much coin to make
But I make that shit look easy.
I betcha think this shit is easy.
(naw but it ain't though x3)
But I gotta be great though x3
Say it again
Naw but ain't though x3
But gotta be great though x3

If I stop now that's what a hata want (want)
My niggas packin somethin that's you hates don't want

(Verse 2)
They say rejection is a part of the game
But wit every lesson on my heart is a stain
And that's why, sleepless nights I go
Trying think about how I'm gone
Prove to the world and prove the shit to myself
That the last fuckin thing I will do is fail nigga!
I don't really need to think about a plan b fuck a plan b only plan a
That's some real shit
That some true shit
My life, my life,
It ain't it ain't been no crystal stair
In fact every stair was broken
With rats and roches everywhere

So I grind so hard, won't stop
Cuz my drive is so real,it's not
A joke
Cuz growin up it wasn't easy
Uh uhh
No in my city it ain't easy
Where the killas and the deal as and the stealers all neighbors
And if they catch you slippin
Slip up,
Slip into them capers.
Dice up on the corner
Tear drops on the eye
So ,y options was login work or workin a 9 to 5
And these voices all in my head, I hear me talkin to me
Debatin if should be chasin dreams or the money
And my auntie got h.i.v and she say it's because of me that she wanna live and not die
So I'm the only hope she believe
So I say hold on and grind for my block nigga
My Detroit pop niggas
Must carry a glock niggas
Yes that's my town, and I will rep it
Til I'm dead and even though it was hard
I make that shit look easy

Feel something
I sing these songs sonyou can feel something
Inspire you and make you feel something
When I leave this world if I ain't did nothing
I made you feel something

And still I make that shit look easy