1. Blaze

From the recording Lover,Loner,Stoner (Mixtape)

Written By Robert L Moss
For Vaughn St.Ent

Produced by Tiffany Gouche

Additional Vocal production By Drummy

Recorded at Moss/Cutler Studios
Jamaica, New York City

Mixed and Mastered By Kevin Cutler
Additional mixing done by Drummy


Ah ha ah ha
blaze x6

This that blaze shit x4
Ooo take a hit
Take a shit
Ooo na na so blaze to this.

(Verse 1)
Don't really even know, what I did last night
Did I pop a pill
Did I hit a pipe
Your drugs, your choice, your life
You only live once not twice
I'm so high
Arguing wit me lover, only cause we love each other
Cheated on me once, don't trust her
But let's not argue,baby just roll up
Roll up. X3

(chorus out)