1. M-I-T-Y

From the recording Lover,Loner,Stoner (Mixtape)

Written By Robert L. Moss
For Vaughn St.Ent
Louis Donovan, Ted Park for SlamHouse Group and Y.so

produced by Ted Park

mixed By Ted Park
mastered by Kevin Cutler


(y.so and rob moss)
Ohhh-yeah yeah
M I T Y x3

(Verse 1)
Boy I don't want no problem
I just want commas
That's word to my momma
No time for the drama
Still carry that lama
Like sum-timer farmer
Please roll up the Ganga
She smoke it like sanas
Comin straight outtake Harlem that's my alma maute
Death over dis honor
Real shit I take off and out op for my town, like I'm holdin that crown
My niggas holdin me down
Tryna hold me back, but I can't stop now
Build it up from the ground
Don't wanna look up
But I can't look down
No I can't look down
Cuz I'm from the same town
Yeah from the same town
Oh from the same town

(Verse 2)
On the real is fuckin obvious
Quit fronting like you really wanna honor us
Moths fucka you should really start to honor us
When shawty break it down she a honor bus
To keep it to the point I'm checkin out on everyone who said that I can never even get it
I came to realize that fuck boys ain't got no money, just cannot accept we winnin or respect it
But it's ok its nothin new
Ya clique da fraud, ain't nothin true
She called my phone,she want da truth
I state it look, I'm fuckin you
I been a problem since 94 it's 9 to 5 in vocal booths
You say if pop don't forget about me
But if I don't make it will you forget me too
I'm bein honest x2

(chorus out)